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BACKGROUND https://ttdigitals.com/kqb9wbzu68 AND HISTORY

https://www.dermexpert.co.uk/ni6r7icp Katjaerua Legal Practitioners (KLP) is a boutique, primarily commercial law firm, established on 23 February 2017 by Mrs. Esmeralda Katjaerua in Windhoek.  Despite the infancy of the firm, it has attracted reputable corporate clients contributing to its phenomenal growth since its inception and thus enabling the firm to recruit and empower deserving Namibians in various capacities.


http://dwellbycheryl.com/9epuuns In compliance with its policy to contribute to the social and economic development of Namibians in need, the firm has established a corporate social responsibility leg. As part of this program, various donations have been made to vulnerable communities, KLP has engaged in mentoring young entrepreneurs as well as providing free legal advice on deserving cases.

https://www.frenchchefathome.com/bw9bb5f90c We are proud to act on behalf of an array of clients ranging from individuals and companies alike. We have also advised international clients/investors wishing to do business in Namibia.

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